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Air Conditioning Extra Services

The standard service procedures assume there is enough refrigerant remaining in the system to allow the checks to be carried out.
Depending upon the state of the system, additional procedures may be required:

Leak detection: £35 +VAT
This involves the use of a special UV dye injected into the system during pressure leak testing. Even small leaks become visible under a UV lamp. Cool Auto UK aim to find any leaks within 1 hour, but even if it takes longer, the charge is the same.

Anti-bacterial Treatment: £25 +VAT
The evaporator unit in the dashboard operates in a moist, dark environment which can lead to a build up of bacteria. This causes not only a bad ‘musty’ smell to be given off but occupants can feel sick or contract ear, nose & throat infections. This anti-bacterial procedure will kill the bugs and leave the cabin smelling like new.

Cabin Filter Replacement: £25 +VAT plus parts
Most air conditioned cars are fitted with a cabin filter which, like most filters must be changed regularly. This is especially beneficial to Asthma and Hay Fever sufferers.

Filter/Drier Replacement: £25 +VAT plus drier
The filter/drier ensures no particles or moisture circulates in the air conditioning system which can cause serious damage to the compressor. The filter/drier normally lasts 2 years, but if any system leaks are present then excess moisture generally renders the drier inoperable.

Contaminated Refrigerant Disposal: £25/kg +VAT
If the system has been leaking or open to the atmosphere for some time the refrigerant could have taken on moisture and road dirt which cannot be removed. Because of the potential for environmental damage, specialist processing is required in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

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