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R12 refrigerant conversion for pre-1993 vehicles

If your car was manufactured prior to 1993 then it will contain a CFC refrigerant called R12.  In May 1995, scientists discovered the depletion of the Ozone layer due to CFCs and in 1997 the ‘Montreal Protocol’ determined CFC refrigerants be phased out.

If you are not sure which refrigerant your vehicle uses, don’t panic, there is an easy way to tell the difference. The car manufacturers decided to change the design of the a/c service ports when R134a was introduced to highlight the difference.

Car air conditioning systems using R12 refrigerant are still allowed to operate but when serviced, the CFC refrigerant must be recovered and disposed of, and the system re-charged with an alternative refrigerant.

R12 service port diagram

R12 service port
(external thread)

R134a service port
(quick release)

For the car owner, having your pre-1993 vehicle converted to non-CFC refrigerant means you can once again enjoy the benefits of air conditioning all year round.

Cool Auto UK has invested in equipment to allow a specially developed R12 replacement gas to be used and have already carried out many conversions to a range of vehicles, including:

- 1978 Rolls Royce
- 1984 Porsche 928s
- 1989 Audi 200 turbo
- 1990 Ford Scorpio
- 1991 Toyota Previa Jap import

R12 to non-CFC Conversion: £90 incl VAT
This service takes around 90 minutes and includes:

- Recovery and measurement of any remaining refrigerant in the system
- Fit conversion service adaptors - Vacuum leak test, oil and UV dye top up
- System nitrogen pressure leak test up to 10 bar (approx 150psi)
- Deep vacuum
- Regas with up to 1kg of fresh non-CFC refrigerant (additional refrigerant charged at £30/kg +VAT
- System test, in-car delivery temperature measurement and fit service label

Any waste refrigerant removed from the vehicle must be disposed of in accordance with Environmental Protection Act 1990 at cost, currently £25/kg +VAT.

Please contact us for a personal quotation for your pre-1993 vehicle r12 conversion.


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